My Story

 I joined Scentsy in September of 2008, after years of thinking I would NEVER do direct sales.  I had seen friends and family do it before, many of them, in fact, working for many different companies.  What I HAD NOT seen was anyone who was REALLY successful.  Then in November of 2007 my sister found Scentsy and decided to sign up.  I thought it would be about as successful as the other party plan businesses she had done, which is "Not Successful".  Happily though, I was wrong, and after experiencing the products, and seeing her success, I realized that Scentsy was different in some really important ways.  

1st it's a fantastic deal! 2nd The products are ingenious!  They are so amazing they really do sell themselves. 3rd    They're a great product to sell even in a down economy because they won’t  break anybody's bank. 

Since then Scentsy has taken further than I ever would have imagined. It’s taken me to the Dominican Republic, Cancun Mexico, Mexico City, Los Vegas, Indianapolis and Charleston to name a few, and it’s brought some of the most amazing people into my life. I’ve built some cherished friendships through Scentsy for sure, but let’s not forget the paycheck.  It helps pay the bills and gives me a safety net when we have extra expenses, and it’s paid for so many opportunities our family would never have had otherwise, like our trip to Disneyland. That extra income source has saved me more times than I can count. That’s why I love sharing Scentsy products and the Scentsy opportunity, because I know firsthand that they’re a winning combination.  

If you’ve been thinking about it, the answer is yes, start your Scentsy journey today!